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Mullet Hairstyle - An Overview

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A mullet hairstyle is short about the front and sides of he head, and long from the back. The word "mullet" was popularized with the Beastie Boys, a US hip-hop band; whether or not they coined the saying increased for debate. There are several different types of mullet, which range from such as a layered haircut (with short layers in addition to the head) to your flattop which has a long tail of hair extending down to center of the trunk .

What’s New in Mullet Hairstyle - An Overview

The look was initially noticed in 1960s America, though it remained marginalized prior to the 1980s, when "hair-metal" and "glam-metal" bands began teasing and perming their hair into high-maintenance mullet hairstyles. Hair metal musicians all wore big hair that is short on top, and about shoulder-length about the back .